Free Seminars!

Redman Nichols Butler are holding a series of free seminars.

The seminars, presented by Ronnie Pannu, who is an independent tax consultant, will focus on tax avoidance schemes, HMRC’s approach to settlement of tax schemes and what the implications of that approach will mean for your clients. ...

Oh we don’t like to be beside the seaside!

The BBC think tank have recently reported that some of the UK’s coastal areas are among the worst off in the Country in terms of wages, health and unemployment and the difference between coastal and non coastal regions continues to grow.  These areas include such towns as Hartlepool, Hastings and Sunderland and many more! ...

Providing A Fair Outcome to All

Andrew Nichols, a licensed insolvency practitioner and one of the partners of the firm, having started the practice some 21 years ago, back in 1996, talks of how Redman Nichols Butler focuses purely on insolvency and turn-around work; and we work closely with accountants, lawyers and other professionals, providing its services to the SME Marketplace. ...

Members Voluntary Liquidations

Mark Reid Neumegen discusses some key points about members voluntary liquidations.

  • They are used for closing a solvent company, say for retirement purposes.
  • Insolvency practitioners act as liquidators and work with the company’s accountant, to ensure that an creditors are paid and that all tax affairs are up to date to allow HM Revenue Customs to provide the tax clearance.
  • It’s important to remember that distributions to share holders in the liquidation are capital distributions and as such, specific tax advice should be attained.
  • If entrepreneurs relief is to be claimed, then there is a restriction on trading a similar business within 2 years of liquidation.
  • ...


    We are all excited at Redman Nichols Butler because our new china mugs have arrived – its the little things!

    If you would like one – just ring Stella on 01377 257788 and she will get one to you. ...

    Restaurants being served a rough deal!

    The demise of Ed’s Easy Diner in 2016 came as no surprise and we expect to see more restaurants failing.

    Many of these restaurants have grown dramatically over the last 10 years or so, while interest rates were low, finance was cheap, food prices kept down and consumers have had a growing desire to eat out. ...