Groans about payday loans …..

There seems to be a decrease in the number of people taking ut payday loans with 6% of British adults saying that they would take out a payday loan in the next 6 months as opposed to 11% in October 2012.

This is encouraging news and is mainly attributed to the negative press that payday loans have quite rightly been getting.  It may also be attributable to an improvement in the economic conditions and the fact that consumers and lenders are feeling more confident and are able to borrow and lend more.

However a high proportion of those that said they were likely to take out a payday loan were in the 18 – 34 age groups.  Is this because that age group find it difficult to raise funds in the more tradiditonal ways as they have not managed to build up good credit ratings.  In addition this age group are finding it difficult to get on the property ladder therefore have no assets with which to secure a loan.

Borrowing from payday lenders can be eye wateringly expensive and we urge peoople to avoid using these lenders as the rates of interst charged often give a very short term fix but exacerbate an existing problem in the medium term.

It is important for anybody facing financial difficultes, wether personally, directors of limited companies or partnerships, to seek advice from a licensed insolvency practitioner as soon as possible.

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