Prison for dodgy director!

Scott Kidd from Leicester, who was already subject to a disqualification order, has had the first ever Serious Crime Prevention Order imposed on him.

In 2011 Scott Kidd was sentenced to 6 years for theft and carrying on a business with the intention to defraud members of the public. He was also disqualified from being a company director for 10 years.

However, on his release from prison in 2014 Kidd immediately got involved with the management of the two companies for which he had previously been a director. Kidd had total disregard for the disqualification order imposed on him. His wife was named as director and was fully aware of his activities.

In 2016 they were both arrested and subsequently appeared in Court. Kidd was charged with 2 offences of acting in the management of a limited company whilst disqualified, and 2 offences of fraud by false representation.

In sentencing the Judge commented that both Kidd and his wife systematically ripped people off, changed their names in an attempt to avoid detection and caused misery to members of the public and their own employees.

Kidd was ordered back to prison to finish his sentence and his wife was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work. In addition, the Serious Crime Prevention Order will make it hard for him to re-offend. He will have to report any bank accounts and credit he has access to and detail any businesses he is involved in and any property he purchases. If he disregards the order he will be sent straight to prison for 5 years and will have an unlimited fine imposed on him.

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