Insolvency advice at your fingertips………………. and with a smile!

Redman Nichols Butler now have the technology to hold virtual meetings.

If you are sitting with a client and need to talk to an insolvency practitioner during your meeting (as does happen from time to time) it’s as simple as ABC to get in touch with Redman Nichols Butler.

A – Give Molly a call on 01377 257788, and ask her to set up a video conference call with one of our insolvency professionals

B – Molly will set the conference call up ensuring that one of our insolvency professionals is available and email or phone you with the joining instructions

C – Follow those instructions and voila – you can talk to us and see us at the same time.

Of course, there is nothing like a face to face meeting at your offices or at your client’s premises and should that be necessary we are, as always, happy to attend those as well.

Don’t forget our initial meetings are always free of charge and without obligation.


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