Fuel Crisis leads to Cash crisis?

BP claims that as of yesterday, British petrol stations had run out of two main grades of fuel due to panic buying. This has forced the government to allow brands and firms to work together to relieve shortage pressure, suspending competition laws.

It is expected that this fuel crisis will have a detrimental impact for weeks to come, but how will it affect you and your clients?

The British Medical Association have said there is a ‘real risk’ that healthcare staff won’t be able to get to work and should be provided with priority access to fuel. This may leave many employees unable to commute to workspaces leaving many businesses unable to perform efficiently.

How has this impacted your suppliers?

Has this affected your staff?

Will this affect customers and clients?

In the short term, the fuel crisis may be seen as an inconvenience but if the crisis persists it will have a major financial impact on businesses.

If your business has been impacted by the fuel crisis, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our initial meetings are always free and without obligation.

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