Let’s Welcome Jo

I am writing today to introduce myself as your new point of first contact at Redman Nichols Butler (“RNB”).  For those of you who knew Stella Flemmings, who retired last year after over 20 years with us, I have taken over her role within RNB and from what has been said to me about her, I have a hard act to follow.  I hope with your support, you can make my journey to fill her shoes be a successful one.

I will from time to time be sending e circulars to you, again with information that I hope you will find useful and informative.  Technical articles, details of assets and businesses we have for sale from time to time and news events of an insolvency / restructuring flavour that you may find useful to have a look at.  Any feedback (good or bad) that you wish to give me, will be gratefully received and of course, I will ensure that it will be easy for you to opt out of receiving these e circulars, if you do not wish to receive them.

Whichever office you call, when you call us on the telephone, it will likely be me who you will speak to in the first instance.  No “dial 1 for ……….., 2 for ………..pre-recorded voice message.  A real human being to speak to able to direct your call to suit your needs.  Perhaps a breath of fresh air for you in today’s digitised world. 

Here is a reminder of our office numbers you can use to call us. 

01377 25778801904 52011601482 90819101724 23006001472 453296

Andrew and John, as our resident licensed insolvency practitioners are under strict instructions from me, to ensure that I know their whereabouts at all times and so if you do need to make urgent contact with them and they are not answering their mobiles, I should be able to get hold of them quickly for you.  As a reminder, here are the direct mobile numbers for Andrew and John if you wish to have them in your own devices.


If you wish to speak to one of the other members of the team, I will always be able to get hold of them if they are working on that day. 

With the business world now beginning to open up to networking events, I hope to be organising a number of seminars and events each year with interesting speakers and topics as we have done in previous years.    I hope that you will be able to attend at least one or two and meet not only me but some of the other RNB team members.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at RNB is our willingness to come and see you and your clients without charge wherever they may be and whenever you want us to and that policy continues even in the world of virtual meetings which of course we also have learnt how to do since Covid.  Even if it for just an informal chat over coffee and a sandwich or to take shop about a particular matter perhaps as a precursor to meeting a client, we will be there.  If you cannot get hold of John or Andrew in that regard, I am here to organise it for you.

Finally, in case your were wondering, apart from my working life, I have a family to look after and spend time with and so I am ably supported in my role by the whole team (especially the newest member of the RNB team, Owen Wilson) during the days that I am not working and so full coverage for you 5 days a week will be maintained at all times.

I think that it all for now.  I embark on this new journey in what can only be described as the most politically and economically challenging and interesting times one can possibly imagine, but despite that fact, I know that if I can provide that all important human, personal and friendly touch to my role, the service RNB provides to you and your clients will be one that will continue to be refreshingly different and attractive for you for the next 20 years.


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