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cliffordstowerRedman Nichols Butler provides a full range of turnaround, insolvency and business advisory services to directors of limited companies, partnerships and individuals.

We offer a without obligation initial meeting for up to a day, free of charge at a client’s premises or our offices in Driffield, Scunthorpe or York at which the client’s financial circumstances will be reviewed and advice given.

For further information, or to arrange a free initial consultation, please contact Stella Flemmings and she will make you an appointment with one of our insolvency professionals.

Alternatively, please complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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  • Accelerated Payment Notices – HMRC is clamping down on tax avoidance….

    Accelerated Payment Notices – HMRC is clamping down on tax avoidance…. H M Revenue and Customs have issued their first batch of Accelerated Payment Notices (“APNs”) to people who have used tax avoidance schemes. APNs are issued by HMRC to taxpayers who have used tax avoidance schemes. The APNs give taxpayers 90 days to pay […]

  • Director disqualified…again!!!

    Director disqualified…again!!! A director has been disqualified for acting as a director of a limited company whilst already disqualified. Mr Michael Smith was disqualified as a director in April 2011 but despite the disqualification he continued to act as a director of a company whilst disqualified without the leave of court. …

  • Does every little help??

    Does every little help? The price war with the supermarkets is being blamed for the increase in the number of food producers entering into formal insolvency procedures. …