Why Choose Us?

Why should I choose Redman Nichols Butler over any other insolvency practice?

Redman Nichols Butler is a totally independent licensed insolvency practice. We are frank and open with our clients from the first meeting, which is absolutely free and without obligation. Our objective is to save businesses wherever possible and to support our clients should insolvency procedures become necessary. Our clients are assured that their affairs are in the hands of experienced professionals every step of the way.

If I am going through financial difficulties, how can I afford your fees?

There are several ways in which our fees can be paid, remember, initial meetings with clients are free and with no obligation. At that initial meeting the question of fees will be discussed.

Who will I meet at Redman Nichols Butler?

Your affairs will be handled by one of our qualified insolvency professionals.

Will my financial problems become public knowledge?

Redman Nichols Butler do not talk to the press, furthermore, we recognise the importance of client confidentiality and maintain this at all times.

Which area do you cover?

Redman Nichols Butler is prepared to take appointments anywhere in the country and the first consultation is free wherever it is held.