Welcome to Redman Nichols Butler Driffield Insolvency Practitioners

We’re leading experts and boast over 20 years of experience as insolvency practitioners around the UK. At Redman Nichols Butler, you can rely on us to offer a whole range of services, covering everything from personal insolvency to company liquidation. 

We are here to assist businesses in financially challenging positions to find a way forward. Our services are diverse and varied, ensuring that we can provide businesses in distress with the ideal solutions to their insolvency issues. 

If you require assistance on dealing with financial difficulties within your business, then Redman Nichols Butler can assist. We also assist creditors or those involved with financially distressed businesses. Our aim is simple: to always find the best solution so that all parties can enjoy a best-case scenario end result. All processes will be carried out with the required due diligence, with all stakeholders involved, and all rights respected throughout.