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Providing A Fair Outcome to All

Andrew Nichols, a licensed insolvency practitioner and one of the partners of the firm, having started the practice some 21 years ago, back in 1996, talks of how Redman Nichols Butler focuses purely on insolvency and turn-around work; and we work closely with accountants, lawyers and other professionals, providing its services to the SME Marketplace. […]

Building in Grimsby for Sale

We’ve just been appointed jointed administrators for a company based in Grimsby. One of the assets we’re trying to sell are free whole commercial offices. The offices are located just near the town centre with great access to the A50 and A180, the asking price is £3095.00 and if you’re interested please contact us today.

Director Disqualifications the Facts and the Figures

John talks though the latest directory disqualification stats which have just been released for last year. Last year there were about 1100 directors who were disqualified. The average length of disqualification was just under 6 years, with 1 in 10 directors receiving a disqualification of 10 years or more. Common reasons for disqualification include businesses […]

What’s in a name – Directors Beware!

Today John talks about company names and insolvency practice. Where a company goes into liquidation, the directors of the old company cannot set up a new company using a name similar to the old company. E.G. if John Smith Limited goes into liquidation the new directors cannot set up a new company called John Smith […]

Top tips for directors in financial difficulties

In this video, John goes through our 5 top tips businesses in financial difficulties: Don’t put any more personal money into the business until you have taken professional advise. Don’t incur any further credit if there is a risk that you will be unable to pay for it. Preserve and protect the assets of the […]

Welcome to Redman Nichols Butler TV

In this video (the first our series) John, one of our partners, goes through the basics of who we are. He explains that at Redman Nichols Butler we are a firm of licensed insolvency practitioners. This means we provide the full range of insolvency, turnaround and restructuring advise to both businesses and individuals. We are based […]